Civility Project

As part of the year-long Civility Project, students are introduced to elements of "Considerate Conduct", one element each week. They are encouraged in positive behavior, social skills and community caring. Parents are exhorted to talk about the ideas at home and to "catch" their children using the principles. Many have remarked upon students' improved attention to parents, teachers and other students.

  1. Pay attention.
  2. Acknowledge others.
  3. Think the best
  4. Listen.
  5. Be inclusive.
  6. Speak kindly.
  7. Don't speak ill.
  8. Accept and give praise.
  9. Respect even a subtle "no".
  10. Respect others' opinions.
  11. Mind your body.
  12. Be agreeable.
  13. Keep it down (and rediscover silence).
  14. Respect other people's time.
  15. Respect other people's space.
  16. Apologize earnestly and thoughtfully.
  17. Assert yourself.
  18. Avoid personal questions.
  19. Care for your guests.
  20. Be considerate guest.
  21. Think twice before asking for favors.
  22. Refrain from idle complaints.
  23. Give constructive criticism.
  24. Respect the environment and be gentle to animals.
  25. Don't shift responsibility and blame.

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