Early Preschool (2 1/2 - 3)

Overview of the Early Preschool Curriculum:

In the SHJ early preschool program, we have an age appropriate balance of play-based learning and beginning academic skills. Our students spend their mornings with free choice play, morning circle (calendar, weather, schedule, prayer), snack, outside time and small group/whole class instruction time. In addition, we have the opportunity of participating in various enrichment activities throughout the week, which include: Music, Library, Gym, and Spanish.

Our early preschool curriculum for children ages 2½ to 3 years old centers around the child’s spiritual, cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and sensory motor development. We use web-themed units in the academic areas of math, science and discovery, language and literacy, social studies, fine and gross motor skills, art, and religion. In addition, we provide organized and free play activities that are intended to allow many opportunities for the child to interact, explore, and relate successfully in his/her environment. Our circle time activities allow our students to practice social skills and interact with peers. We incorporate gross motor games, read stories, discuss our religion topic of the week and culminate by praying together as a class, family, and Catholic community. Our small group or independent work with a teacher time allows for having lessons in art, science and discovery, math, fine motor practice, and language and literacy skills. Upon completing these lessons, children are expected to clean up and put away their work before choosing another.

We strive to provide the early preschool students with a strong faith foundation. Our religion curriculum, Image of God Series, was designed to introduce young students to the basic teachings of the Catholic faith. We emphasize that each child is a gift from God and we encourage the children to share, be fair, and speak kindly to each other.

Our mission is to foster the growth of the 2 1/2 - 3 year old child by creating a nurturing environment that promotes a love for learning through imaginative play, creativity, intellectual and spiritual development, and preparation for our 3 - 4 year old preschool curriculum.


The SHJ early preschool review contains a checklist of developmental skills and behaviors that a child is likely to develop throughout his/her early preschool years. This checklist serves as a guideline to help teachers and parents communicate the progress of your child in this first year of school.

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