Faculty and Staff

Elementary School

Elizabeth Sweeney, sweeneye@shjboulder.org - Kindergarten

Born and raised in Indiana, Ms. Sweeney is a Hoosier at heart. After graduating from Mater Dei High School she became a Screaming Eagle and earned her Elementary Education degree from the University of Southern Indiana. She has taught 5th grade at St. Pius X in Aurora and is now teaching kindergarten. Her hobbies include hiking with her two dogs, cooking delicious meals and traveling to far off destinations through literature.

Michelle Kempkes, kempkesm@shjboulder.org - 1st Grade

After completing an Elementary Education training program at the University of Northern Colorado, Ms. Paris-Kempkes taught second grade at St. Francis De Sales School in Denver. During those early years, she discovered a passion for helping students express themselves through Literacy and the Arts. She later received her advanced degree in Integration of the Arts in curriculum at Lesley College in Boston. For nearly two decades, her work as an educator in the public as well as private sector has prepared her for this jump back to parochial schools.

Julie Quimby, quimbyj@shjboulder.org - 2nd Grade

Mrs Quimby graduated from the University of Minnesota with an English major and a History minor. She later went on to receive her Elementary Education degree in Colorado. Mrs. Quimby enjoys her family, the beauty and nature of Colorado, camping, biking, and running. She recently completed her first marathon.

Carol Sobolik, sobolikc@shjboulder.org - 3rd Grade

Ms. Sobolik has been teaching for twenty-five years. She received her Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of North Dakota with a double major in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Development. She also has a kindergarten endorsement. After teaching three years in early childhood, she substitute-taught in grades kindergarten through twelve. Ms. Sobolik was then hired at a Catholic school in Minnesota, where she taught third grade for six years. In 2002 she moved to Boulder and has since taught first and second grades. She is currently beginning her ninth year teaching third grade.

Joanne Corey, coreyj@shjboulder.org - Interim 4th grade

If Mrs. Corey's name sounds familiar to you, it is because she taught at our school from 2000 to spring of 2016. For most of that time, she taught 6th grade math and science, and social studies to all middle schoolers. She also helped to organize the 8th grade Washington DC trip. After leaving our school in 2016, she and her husband opened a restaurant in Estes Park.

Before joining the SHJS community in 2000, Joanne worked in Arizona, New York, Massachusetts and Colorado. Among her many and diverse experiences, she has worked at a school on the south rim of the Grand Canyon, taught special needs students at a residential facility, consulted for the Department of Education on high risk students, worked with teachers and schools in developing and implementing new curriculum, written health curriculum in a museum environment, and was an educator in the Hall of Life in the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Joanne was awarded the opportunity to study with the National Endowment for the Humanities in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Sacred Heart of Jesus School is happy to welcome Mrs. Corey back for this interim teaching assignment.

Kathy Dubois, duboisk@shjboulder.org - 5th Grade

Mrs. Dubois graduated from St. Michael's College in Vermont with a Bachelor of Arts in English. After graduation, she worked for several years in the insurance industry. She found the work unfulfilling, so she went back to school at night at the University of Maine to get her credentials to teach. She taught high school English and then stayed home with her children, while occasionally tutoring. Later she became certified for K-8 and taught at the elementary level for ten years. In 2005, Mrs. Dubois and her family moved to Colorado. Her three children are graduates of Sacred Heart of Jesus School. She enjoys spending time with family, and friends, and loves Colorado.

Middle School

David Savidge, savidged@shjboulder.org - Drama, Religion and Social Studies, 6th, 7th and 8th Grade

Mr. Savidge teaches middle school social studies, religion, and drama. In the past, he has taught fourth grade, as well as art history and speech & debate. Mr. Savidge also taught English in South Korea. He is in his third year at SHJS. Mr. Savidge holds a B.A. in Drama from Muhlenberg College, a J.D. from City University of New York and an L.L.M. in Admiralty & Maritime Law from Tulane University. He has acted in and directed multiple plays and musicals, and has written plays as well. He practiced law for many years in New York, California, and Colorado. Once upon a time, he delivered pizza in his old Chevy Chevette to help pay for college.

Claire Cahir-Chase, cahir-chasec@shjboulder.org - Language Arts & Literature 6th, 7th and 8th Grade

Mrs. Cahir-Chase studied Fine Arts at Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island. She has degrees in Creative Writing and Secondary English Education from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She taught fourth grade at Sacred Heart of Jesus School for two years and middle school English in the St. Vrain Valley School District for two years. In 2014, she was overjoyed to return to teaching at Sacred Heart. This school year she is teaching sixth, seventh and eighth grade Language Arts classes.

Laura McGinn, mcginnl@shjboulder.com - Math & Science 6th, 7th, 8th Grade

Mrs. McGinn received her Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Production Management at California State University,Fullerton. She worked in the aerospace industry and went on to complete her credential program for education at Arizona State University. She recently completed her master's degree program through the University of San Diego in the STEAM program (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). Previously, she taught fifth and sixth grades in Arizona and Washington. Mrs. McGinn was also an eigth grade teacher and vice principal at St. Columbia Catholic School in San Diego. She is a member of the National Science Teachers' Association (NSTA) and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). Mrs. McGinn loves to share her love of learning to the middle school students.

Susan Zimmer, zimmers@shjboulder.org - Middle School Advanced Math

Susan has taught middle school math at SHJ for many years. She retired in 2014, and after a year of rest and relaxation, she was asked to return to teach part-time. She grew up in Ohio and graduated from Wittenburg University with a BS in Education/math. Susan is certified to teach secondary math in Colorado. Outside the classroom, she enjoys traveling and has recently explored Australia and Japan. she likes to spend leisure time walking with her dog and tending her gardens.

Academic Enrichment

Leala Smith, smithl@shjboulder.org - Art and Middle School Spanish

Leala Smith graduated from University of Colorado Boulder in 2017 with a BA in Fine Arts, Art History, and an emphasis in painting and black and white photography. She attended CU's School of Education, and majored in Spanish Language and Literature at the College of Charleston in South Carolina in 2012. Leala is currently working on a personal series of large scale, abstract expressionist paintings. She has spent time studying Spanish in Cuba, Spain, and Basque Country, and has enjoyed studying art throughout Europe. A Colorado native from Steamboat Springs, Leala enjoys snowboarding, trail running, and Nordic skiing in her free time.

Linda Chambers, chambersl@shjboulder.org - Music

Mrs. Chambers is in her 44th year of teaching, 32 years as a music specialist and 12 years as a classroom and special education teacher. She is in her ninth year at SHJ. Linda has an undergraduate degree in music education and a master's degree in kindergarten through eighth grade education with emphasis in special education. As a native West Virginian, Mrs. Chambers finds the mountains here like a taste of home. Hiking, biking, and playing the piano and ukulele are some of the many hobbies she enjoys. Her favorite hobby is babysitting her four grandsons, twins in Washington and two babies here.

Michele Stevens-Clements, stevens-clementsm@shjboulder.org – Physical Education

Mrs. Stevens-Clements feels very blessed to have been teaching at Sacred Heart of Jesus for 11 years. She taught kindergarten during her first years at SHJ, but now is teaching P.E., which she loves. She earned her bachelor's degree at Western State and a master's degree at Colorado State University. Mrs. S.C. lives in the mountains with her husband, four children and lots of pets

Eugenia Macias, maciase@shjboulder.org - Spanish K- 5th grade

Eugenia was born in central Mexico (Michoacán) where she earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and a M.S. in Materials Science. In 2006, she moved to the United States. From 2010 to 2012, she worked as an assistant researcher at the University of Louisville in the biofuels and carbon dioxide conversion area. Later she moved to Colorado. Today, she is married and has two sons, who attend Sacred Heart of Jesus School. Besides teaching Spanish, Eugenia enjoys ballet, swimming and cooking. Although she still misses Mexico, she really likes Boulder, Colorado.

Rima Khoukaz, khoukazr@shjboulder.org - Learning Resource Teacher

Mrs. Khoukaz was born and raised in Lebanon where she graduated from high school with a French baccalaureate. She then attended American University of Beirut and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. After moving to New York City, she attended Hunter College, received her master's degree in Special Education, and began working as a special education teacher in Manhattan. She now holds a Colorado license as a Special Education Generalist. She, her husband, and little boy live in Boulder.


Vicky Gonzales, gonzalesv@shjboulder.org - Office Manager

Vicky Gonzales is a Colorado native who feels very blessed to be part of the SHJ community made up of great families, children and staff. She has spent most of her work life at Gates Corporation as a 401K/pension manager. She has one grown son and she and her husband live in Arvada. Her hobbies include stitching, reading, and attending Holy Family High School sporting events.

Kirsten Wood, woodk@shjboulder.org - Assistant Office Manager

Kirsten Wood is happy to be working in the school office. She has had a varied background including 12 years as a Control Systems Engineer mostly in the utility sector, several years as a stay-at-home parent, a year working at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Center and now in the school. She enjoys assisting students and their families in any way that she can with school related tasks. She is currently leading the "Green Up Our Schools" effort at SHJ and teaches Children's Liturgy of the Word to Pre-K through 2nd graders for SHJ parish. She definitely enjoys hiking with her family and watching her children's sports events.

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