Health and Safety


Please make certain that the teacher and the office are notified of any unusual health conditions. A written copy of serious health conditions must be provided for school records.

If your student contracts strep throat, chicken pox, pink eye or any other contagious disease, please inform the school office at once. State Health Regulations require that your student remain home until the student has been fever-free for a minimum of 24 hours.

Health Room

SHJ has a health room open during each school day staffed by parent volunteers or office personnel trained in standard first aid. If a student becomes ill or injured, the student will be cared for temporarily in this facility. Simple first aid will be administered, but no medication can be administered or applied. A parent or guardian will be notified and further care is the responsibility of the parent and/or family physician.

No medication shall be administered by any school personnel, including Tylenol, except on the written orders of a physician. All medications, in their original bottle, shall be kept in the office. Individual records shall be kept of such medications administered by school personnel.

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