Homework is essential to the learning experience and is assigned for the following reasons:

Homework will not be given out ahead of time for family vacations.

It is helpful for students to be provided with a quiet area to complete homework and a scheduled "homework time." Parents are encouraged to assist in the homework process, but assignments should be completed by the student and reflect his/her own ability.

Parents should regularly check Sycamore for missing or late assignments. If a student gets behind in homework, they may attend Homework Club on certain school days from 3:15 to 4:00 pm. SHJ teachers monitor the club.

Grade Time Each Evening
K As needed
1 10 - 20 minutes
2 30 minutes
3 40 minutes
4 50 minutes
5 60 minutes
6,7,8 60 - 90 minutes

Make-Up Work

Years of experience have shown that children who do not feel well usually are not able to do their best work. When your child has a brief illness, we discourage you from calling the school during the absence for make-up work. It is better to allow the child time to feel well, return to school, and then make up the missed work.

Homework requests for illnesses extending 2 or more days can be made through the office for grades 3-8. Teachers in grades K-2 can determine how homework will be made up after the child returns to school.

In all cases, due dates for make-up work will be established at the discretion of the classroom teacher.

When a child has been absent for a short period of time due to illness, he/she is given two school days for each day absent in which to make up work. If the work is not made up within this time, it may not be accepted.

If it appears that absence is used to avoid tests, assignment deadlines, and the like on a continual basis, extra time allowed to make up will be only at the discretion of the classroom teacher. Children missing 20 days in any one marking period may be retained for another year in the same grade unless satisfactory make-up work has been completed.

Middle School Make-Up Policy for Tests & Quizzes

If a student is absent on a day when a test or quiz is given the student will need to make up the tests or quiz during lunch or after school, not during class time. It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements to make up the work. This should be done in a timely fashion.

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