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The Learning Center is a program launched in Fall 2015 and is built on the premise that every student has a unique learning style. We have many students from varied cultures that come to us with a variety of schemas. In an attempt to educate the whole child intellectually, emotionally, and culturally we offer the Learning Center, a place that utilizes credentialed learning specialists who address the greatest needs of students below grade level and those who need accelerated enrichment. In both cases, we believe providing students with learning environments where assessment and fluid grouping are present, continue to challenge our students to work to their greatest potential. Our philosophy is that all children can flourish with the right amount of support. We want our students to be well supported in their learning styles so that they can feel optimistic about their learning. Our theory is that their motivational factors will increase which will increase autonomy, competence and agency to succeed. The two facets of the Learning Center are our Intervention Program and Enrichment or STREAM Room.


-Provides small group and one-to-one intervention to students working below

-Rewards Reading Program

-Singapore Math

-Do the Math

-The Next Step to Guided Reading


Here at Sacred Heart of Jesus School we believe that every child has strengths and areas of talent. Students may have unique and significant strengths in multiple areas, including but not limited to verbal, abstract reasoning, writing, reading, math, art, music, leadership, athletics, creativity, science, spatial reasoning, construction, and interpersonal. Students do not need to be identified as Talented and Gifted (TAG) or as an advanced learner in order to receive and participate in differentiated instruction. This belief is called a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIVUqv0v1EE and https://youtu.be/GWSZ1DK

-2017-2018 school year will launch our STREAM ROOM! STREAM, is the interplay of Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art and Math and is a mix of engineering aligned concepts-electronics, robotics, digital fabrication and computer programming. One of the chief programs within the STREAM room will be our Makerspace. The purpose of Making is to empower students with the mindset and skills necessary to shape and influence the world around them. To develop this agency students practice inquiry that draw up creativity, logic, collaboration and empathy to create meaningful solutions for real-world problems.

http://spaces.makerspace.com/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLEJLOB6fDw

Programs and curriculum used in the STREAM room:

Agent cubes


Meet our Teacher

Rima Khoukaz - Learning Resource Teacher

Prior to joining the SHJ Team, Mrs. Khoukaz was a classroom and special education teacher in New York City. Her scope of work while in the city focused around specific interventions for students who were underperforming. Her expertise and her support of a variety pedagogies and teaching strategies make her a real asset to the dynamic needs of our unique learners. Within the Learning Center, Rima specializes in individual goals for the students and tailors the instruction so each student may find their excellence. Her background in intervention strategies include: special education (gifted or learning disabilities) as well as particular certification such as multicultural and bilingual foundations, Wilson Reading Program, SIOP and DRA Assessment Tool. Rima strives to stay in step with the latest educational research and make learning exciting and intriguing. Mrs. Khoukaz lives in Boulder, with her husband and their son Freddie.

Andrea Berry-Learning Center Facilitator

As facilitator Mrs. Berry assists the teachers in the implantation of scientifically research based instructional strategies to help students. Mrs. Berry provides support designing student achievement data reports and curricular decisions for the purpose of evaluating the educational programs. She also supports the center with data analysis and coordinates instructional professional development for teachers while serving as a liaison to the local public school district on programming and student designation for special needs.

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