Middle School (6-8)

Middle School Program

Middle school students are the leaders of the school. We want to help them become good role models and strong leaders, through learning responsibility and through being good examples of Christian citizens. Our excellent middle school staff members create an environment where students are challenged to be their best, encouraged to ask questions, and are valued for who they are.

One priority in the SHJ Middle School is to prepare our students for a rigorous high school curriculum. Daily core curriculum classes are 45 minutes long and they include: math, social studies, science, religion, language arts/ literature, and Spanish. Rotating enrichment classes include: art, music, physical education, and computer science.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) powers Middle School science and math learning. Students in the 5th grade through the 8th grade research, write up and display diverse projects at the annual science fair.

Middle School Social Studies curricula are rigorous and eye-opening, capped by 8th graders week-long trip to Washington DC, each spring.

Middle School Trips:

Pingree Park

6th graders take the annual field trip to Pingree Park in October. Managed by Colorado State University, this outdoor educational facility north of Fort Collins provides our students with hands-on learning in fire ecology, ecosystems, orienteering and hiking.

Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI)

A adventure for 7th graders includes five days on Catalina Island, Californina to study marine biology, dissect squid, swim with sharks, kayak, snorkel, go on geo-hikes and explore sea life in the Pacific.

Washington, D.C.

After completing a social studies project in the spring, 8th graders go to Washington DC for a week-long adventure. They meet a senator, tour various historical landmarks, visit the Vietnam Memorial and place a flower in memory of a soldier they have researched before the trip. The students will also attend mass at the Cathedral to pray for our country's future.

Extra-Curricular Activities

For more information about how to apply to Sacred Heart of Jesus Middle School, please go to SHJ Admissions or contact 303-447-2362

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