Principal's Day 2017, Our Principal received these messages of appreciation from students:

"Thank you for all our stuff and for our school. Thank you for keeping our school clean. Thanks for keeping us protected."

"Thank you for being such an amazing principal. I have learned so much from you. You are an awesome leader!"

"Happy Principal's Day! You are the best. I have gone to the principal's office many times, but when I do I know you are mad at me but you never yell. That's the kind of principal that I like. I hope you have a fantastic day."

"Thank you for being here and running our school. We love when you give us treats during the holidays and making us all laugh. We love you as our principal."

Middle school students comment about Morning Chaplet, 2017:

"Chaplet is a good way to start out my week. It makes my week go better. It gets me focused to start classes."

"It puts my mind in a spot where I can focus on school."

"Chaplet inspires me to become a better person and makes our community more kind. It will give me good memories as I move on to high school."

"As a school we meet and pray. It is a good jump start to our week."

"Chaplet makes me think positive."

"I like that it is student led. The students do the work so it makes them feel good about it. They put the effort into it."

Academic Decathlon, 2017:

A parent walking out of the event was overheard to say, "I am so proud of all our students who worked hard for these awards and persevered. Sacred Heart of Jesus represents the best of the best!"

Parent comments School Year 2016-2017:

"We would like to buy some school uniforms because our son and daughter love to wear the SHJ uniform so much that we want to return to Germany with several. Our children would like to take the uniforms they wore here (as exchange students) and wear them at their home school near Frankfurt."

"Please tell Mr. Joe Murrell and Mrs. Leittem-Murrell that our family thought the 8th grade leadership mass and ceremony were really good for the community and especially for all your 8th grade students."

"On our bike ride earlier today, our daughter was telling me ALL about the pirate story and the seeing eye dog! It was awesome! Also good is you making prayer time and our faith central to their kinder experience. That too is making for some fantastic family discussions and more enjoyable prayer time at night (when we remember). God bless you, for all you are doing with these fine children."

"My daughter goes to CU and is a graduate of SHJS, Baton Rouge. I have attended mass at your church while visiting CU. I want to thank you for taking us on as a project and helping our elementary school with your good donations to our flood victim families. It goes to show the world is a wonderful place and there are kind people everywhere. I have tears in my eyes thinking about how generous your community is. You must have good families! We promise to pray for you as you pray for us."

"Our son is excited to come to school everyday and learn something new with you and all his new friends."

"I am sad to be leaving Boulder. Above all things, we will not forget my children's school life at SHJ. It was really good for my children and more than we expected."

"Four 8th grade students from SHJS plan to attend Fairview High School in the fall of 2017. After the students were tested by Fairview to see what classes the high school should place them in for next year, the high school reported that two of the future students should take sophomore level classes and the other two students should take junior level classes as freshmen."

"Mr. Savage did a amazing job directing Midsummer Night's Dream with our students. That play is a difficult one and the students who performed were exceptional."

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