School Advisory Committee

The School Advisory Committee (SAC) is made up of the Pastor, the Principal and invited members of the school parent community. The committee will also include several members of the Parish community who do not have children enrolled in the school. The committee functions in an advisory capacity to the Pastor and the Principal. The committee does not develop academic programs or select instructional materials, monitor student discipline, and does not hire or fire staff. These areas are the responsibility of the administration, with the approval of the pastor.

Our SAC Members:

Tom Mecsey - Principal (

This is Tom Mecsey's first year as principal of Sacred Heart of Jesus School. Prior to this, he served as a principal for nine years in Michigan. For his full biography, refer to the Leadership page.

Fr. Mark Kovacik - Pastor (

Fr. Mark is the pastor of the SHJ parish. His biography can be seen on the Leadership page.

Heather Elhardt - Chairman (

Heather Elhardt has been a committed school and church volunteer since she and her husband, Matthew, enrolled their daughters –now 1st & 3rd graders– at SHJ in 2013. A native of Michigan, Heather worked for global and boutique advertising agencies in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles before moving to Boulder with her family. This is her second year as a SAC member.

Timothy P. Christin - Committee Member (

Tim and wife, Lauren, have three children who are currently attending Sacred Heart of Jesus School in the 7th, 6th, and 2nd grades. The Christin's have been Sacred Heart of Jesus Church members since 2007. Tim received a bachelor's degree in business from Marquette University and studied his third year of college at Loyola University, Rome Center in Rome, Italy. Tim's career experience includes creating and leading businesses in London, Sydney, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Denver.

Colleen Harvey - Committee Member (

Colleen Harvey has two boys at Sacred Heart. Patrick is in the 4th grade and Calvin is in the 3rd grade. A third son, Owen, went through the SHJ 1st Communion and confirmation programs. Colleen and her husband Sean have been members of SHJ church since moving to Boulder in 2011 from Boston. Professionally, Colleen works at a Boulder-based wealth management firm as a financial advisor. She is enjoying her third year on the school advisory board and volunteers at the school whenever she is able.

Ben Wilmhoff - Committee Member (

Ben Wilmhoff and his wife Kate have two children at Sacred Heart - Sam and Elaina. Elaina is in the first grade, and Sam is a kindergartener. Ben and Kate live in Boulder, and are both originally from Northern Kentucky. They were high school sweethearts and reconnected nearly 15 years out of high school! Ben is a wireless technology entrepreneur, and relishes the Colorado outdoors lifestyle. He is a new member of the School Advisory Committee, and is grateful for any opportunity to participate in and contribute to the Sacred Heart school and faith communities.

Lou Junker – Committee Member (
Lou and his wife Patti have 2 children, a 3rd grader Bridget and an 8th grade graduate from Sacred Heart of Jesus school 2017. Lou and Patti have been part of the SHJ community since 2007. Lou received a Bachelor of Science degree from Western Michigan University and his Ph.D. from Purdue University in Biochemical Nutrition. Professionally, Lou works in the Pharmaceutical industry and has assisted in the development of a variety of human therapeutic products. Lou has been part of the School Advisory Committee since 2016 and enjoys volunteering at SHJ whenever time permits.

Cynthia Slater – Committee Member (
Cynthia Slater and her husband, Eric Paulak moved to Boulder in 2002 from Stockholm, Sweden. Boulder was neutral territory and seemed to be a great place to raise a family. They have two boys at SHJ who both started in the Dragonfly program. Slater is currently in 6th grade and Magnus is in 2nd grade. Cynthia does project work for a local training and meeting firm and often volunteers at SHJ; this is her first year on the SAC. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, reading and visiting family.

Eduardo Lopez – Committee Member (
Eduardo and his wife Maria have 3 children at the school: Eduardo (3rd), Jesus (5th) and Edith (7th). Eduardo and Maria own their own business and their family members are active participants in the SHJ church community including the choir and the altar server program. This is his first year on the SAC.

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