SHJS Admissions

Application for admission to SHJ School demonstrates a willingness to be committed to the first priority of our school: the faith formation of our children. This commitment calls for active involvement in and support of the SHJ Community. SHJ School asks that parents, the primary educators, to be the role models for our students as they strive to live their faith on a daily basis. Active involvement in support of both the parish and the school is an expectation of all requesting enrollment for their children in our school.

Admission Requirements

Children entering kindergarten are to be five years old on, or before, October 1st. Children entering 1st grade are to be six years old on, or before, October 1st. We ask that legal verification of age be provided to the school prior to admission.

All students must submit the following documents when enrolling:

All new students in 4th through 8th grade will be accepted on a probationary basis. Behavioral and academic status of probationary students will be reviewed throughout the first trimester of attendance. Good behavior, hard work, and mutual respect are requirements for all.

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