Bienvenidos! Spanish classes for the elementary school are offered once a week for a period of 45 minutes each. Elementary Spanish is divided into two sections: upper and lower elementary. Lower elementary includes Kindergarten through 2nd grade, and upper elementary includes grades 3rd through 5th.

In grades K - 2nd the students will learn the Sign of the Cross and the Glory Be in Spanish. We reinforce things they learned in Pre-Kindergarten and we learn about animals on the farm, wild animals, shapes and forms, our pets, our family, numbers from 0-30, some adjectives for comparison, how we feel, days of the week, months, and seasons.

In grades 3rd - 5th we will learn the Hail Mary and Our Father in Spanish. We also reinforce what they have learned in previous years. We will learn food items, greetings and farewells, how to introduce ourselves, numbers from 0-1000, Spanish-speaking countries and their capitals, what we like and don't like, and the names of places around town. We will also learn the use of adjectives, regular verbs and conjugation in present tense. During 5th grade they will work on a project relating to a Spanish-speaking country and they will do a presentation on it. Our goal is that our students will be able to write some of their thoughts independently in Spanish using present tense by the end of 5th grade.


- Lessons presented on the Promethean Board

- Interactive lessons (students participate using the Promethean Board)

- Oral practice and skits



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