Library Science


Elementary students visit the library with their classes weekly. Students in pre-kindergarten through second grade have story time with the librarian to improve reading comprehension skills as well as learning about popular and classic authors and books.

All students may have a total of three books checked out for two weeks. Additional books may be checked out and for longer periods of time for classroom projects and papers.

Students in third through eighth grade have a combined technology and library class weekly. At SHJ, we have the most current technology in order to set students up for success with 21st century skills. The library topics covered include:

  1. Parts of a book
    1. title page
    2. table of contents
    3. index, glossary
    4. bibliography
    5. appendix
  2. Reference materials
    1. local collection
    2. dictionary
    3. thesaurus
    4. encyclopedia
    5. atlas
    6. almanac - hard copy and online materials are both covered and contrasted for effective use
    7. directed/narrowed searches for effective information gathering
  3. Recognition of credible sources

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