SHJS Foundation

The SHJS Foundation was established in 1986 to be a base of financial support and to ensure that SHJ School would continue to exist and be able to provide a Catholic education for the children of the SHJ Parish and the parishes of Boulder County.

The SHJS Foundation awards roughly seven annual scholarships, of different amounts, to SHJS students in Kindergarten through Eighth grade.

How is the foundation funded?

Realizing the importance of the SHJS Foundation’s mission, many parishioners and friends of the school provide financial donations.  These donations can be small or large.  The Bud Love Scholarship, The Lillian Eck Scholarship, and the Betsy Serafin Scholarship are all examples of scholarships sponsored by donations from families.

Who manages the SHJS Foundation?

Only SHJ parishioners serve on the Board, along with the SHJ Pastor. There are four officers and six directors (including the Pastor).  The Directors serve annual terms.

How are the scholarships awarded?

The scholarships are awarded annually to students in K-8th grade based on financial need or teacher recommendations.  All scholarship applications are reviewed and approved by the Board and awarded during the spring semester for the following school year.

How can I help?

For more information or to donate, contact us at

Sacred Heart of Jesus School Foundation

2312 14th Street
Boulder, Colorado 80304