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Testing Program

ch Archdiocesan elementary and secondary school shall participate in Archdiocesan testing programs as outlined by the Office of Catholic Schools.

Standardized Testing and Student Writing Portfolios

Students in grades 2-8 participate in the Archdiocesan Assessment Program. Iowa Assessments are the current assessment program. Results of individual student progress are sent home, usually but not always, on or before the last quarter report card.

Achievement Testing

The Office of Catholic Schools will make public each year the Archdiocesan average test scores.

The Office of Catholic Schools will not make available individual school or classroom results to anyone except other appropriate officials of the Archdiocese.

An individual student's test scores will be made available to his/her parents and teachers. School principals may make their school's test scores available to parents and teachers. However, individual school's achievement test scores are not to be published through news media or publicity brochures.

The Office of Catholic Schools will use an individual school's test scores only for the purpose of improving instruction within that school.

All students will participate in the assessment program and all students will be included in the class and school averages.

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