Student Life

SHJ Athletics Program

Renowned far and wide, our school’s athletic program teaches students to play fair, respect all participants, win and lose graciously, build skills at all ability levels and develop a lifetime interest in physical activity. It has also helped several graduates earn college athletic scholarships.

Basketball and volleyball have been played since the beginning years of the school. Three years ago cross country and futsal joined the competitive athletics program. Students in grades 3 through 8 may participate. There is no fee. A hallmark of SHJ athletics: No tryouts. Every student who wants to participate is on a team.

If you have questions or want more information on the SHJ Athletics Program, please visit our website at


SHJ has a wide variety of exciting extra-curricular activities! Contact the office for more information for any of the clubs/activities listed below:

  • Community Service (K – 8th)
  • Reading and Mass Buddies (K-8th)
  • Children’s Choir (1st – 6th)
  • Drama (4th – 8th)
  • Homework Club (4th – 8th)
  • Student Council (5th – 8th)
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